How to Use & Check PlayStation Gift Card Balance? Complete Solution

PlayStation is the most popular gaming console and came in 1994. Due to its great technology, games, and favorite characters, PlayStation soon became very famous. PlayStation is an advanced gaming system in which you can update your gaming experience by using a PlayStation gift card.

It is very important to use gift cards carefully and accurately. All the information related to this has been given to you step by step. Along with this, I have also tried to give you information on how you can check the balance of your PlayStation gift card.

The Purpose of This Card

Purpose of Playstation gift card

You may unlock characters, skins, gameplay tools, and more using these Gift Cards. Adding money to your PlayStation Wallet is the primary advantage of a PlayStation Gift Card. Your credit is kept in this digital wallet, which makes it easy for you to buy PlayStation Store titles, DLC, and subscriptions. It functions similarly to your virtual piggy bank in games where you may use the money to purchase anything from the game.

Types of PlayStation Gift Cards


There are no different varieties of PlayStation gift cards based on quality. All cards do the same thing which is add-on money to your PlayStation Wallet so you can purchase items on the PlayStation Store.

There are 3 types of PlayStation gift cards depending on the purpose of using it:

1. Games and add-ons gift cards

After purchasing such a gift card online or offline, you can use it to purchase PlayStation games or add-ons.

2. In-game currency gift card

You cannot buy or download any game using a currency card, but with this type of card, you can upgrade things inside your already purchased game or unlock any locked equipment and use it in your game.

3. Season passes

Season passes can not be purchased directly with gift cards, but you can buy season passes from PlayStation using the money you put in with your gift card. These passes typically give you updates for a game season such as new levels, characters, or gear which progress to the next level over time.

How Many Ways to Get A PlayStation Gift Card

How Many Ways to Get A PlayStation Gift Card

You have two options for getting a gift card:

1. Physical Gift Cards

These gift cards can be bought from gaming stores, electronics stores, and even supermarkets. The price of these gift cards is in different ranges which you can choose according to your budget. These gift cards can be selected based on your spending limit. These come in different prices usually these cards come from $10 to $100.

How to use a PlayStation physical gift card: 

Every card has a special code hidden under the scratch-off portion. This code is like your secret password to get money on the card. To use this card simply go to your PlayStation and type in the code on the redeem section to redeem it.

2. Digital Gift Cards

Digital cards can be purchased online from your home without going anywhere. This card is great for someone who needs a gift instantly. You can buy them online from the official store’s website. You will receive a digital code directly via email after purchase.

PlayStation Gift Card Balance Check Methods

There are two main ways to check your card balance:

Method 1: Checking the balance using your PlayStation console (PS5 or PS4)

This is the most convenient method if your PlayStation console is set and available. The following provides detailed instructions on how to apply this method:

Step 1 – Activate the PlayStation game system and log into your PlayStation Network profile.

PlayStation Gift Card Balance Check Methods

Step 2 – Click on PlayStation Store which can usually be found in the main menu bar’s content section.

PlayStation Gift Card Balance Check Methods

Step 3 – Select your profile symbol once you are at the PlayStation Store. The profile is usually located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 4 – Select your profile icon and now choose Manage Payments from the options.

PlayStation Gift Card Balance check Methods

Now your PlayStation Wallet balance will appear at the top of the screen. This total wallet balance includes the amount you have left from previous purchases or redeemed gift cards.

Method 2: Checking online (if applicable)

At the moment, Sony does not offer a direct way to check your PlayStation gift card balance on its website or app. There is a possibility to check the balance on those websites where you purchased the gift card.

Retailer website: Some retailers that sell gift cards may offer a balance checking option on their website. This functionality depends entirely on the specific retailer.

Attention: Avoid third-party websites claiming to check gift card balances. These websites may be fraudulent and could potentially compromise your gift card information.

PlayStation gift card balance Check without redeeming

You can check your PlayStation gift card balance without even using it. To access your PlayStation account, simply log in and locate the three dots located in the upper right corner. Click on those dots to see your profile information. Now you will see your wallet balance below your profile without redeeming the gift card.

Is It Possible to check PlayStation gift card validity before redemption?

No, you can not check the card balance if the gift card is legal before using the code to redeem it. This is because the gift card code serves as a means of verification. A PlayStation gift card’s validity is only examined at the time of purchase. It is, therefore, preferable to purchase a gift card from a reliable vendor and use it right away to avoid losing, damaging, or expiring the card and to avoid having the balance added to your wallet.

Note: The amount deposited in the PlayStation wallet never expires so without any hesitation, it is the best option to redeem the gift card immediately.

Conclusion: Overall Methods for PlayStation Gift Card Balance Checking 

Using these gift cards is a good method to load your PlayStation Wallet with cash. This wallet money can purchase subscriptions, games, and skins. There are two main ways to check your gift card balance on your PlayStation console or online.

You can also check your PlayStation wallet balance without redeeming a gift card. So this is also true you cannot check the validity of a PlayStation gift card before redeeming it. And remember It is best to purchase a PlayStation gift card from a reliable website or store and use it immediately.

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